While the popularity of the iPhone is soaring, plenty of people are running with Android smartphones instead.

It is owned by Google and was launched in 2007, the same year Apple released the first iPhone. It’s basically what appears on the screen on a touchscreen device. Apple’s iPhones run a different operating system called iOS, and they don’t run Android.

Google lets any company use Android, so you will find it on Google phones, but also phones made by Samsung, LG, Nokia and more.

Boasting an impact-absorbing technology, it’s also made of durable materials that double up for top defence against drops.

This wallet-style phone case offers full-body protection against scratches and damage. It comes in a stylish vintage folio book style, and is crafted with PU leather.

It combines protection with a host of other benefits, including a wallet, ID slots, card holders and standby function in one handy carry case.

Make sure you never lose your phone again with this eyecatching yellow case for the Samsung S6 phone.

It's drop-proof up to 1.8m, has a unique material that absorbs the impact of any fall, and anodised aluminium side bars. It's stylish as well as being extremely robust.

The ultra-slim design is easy to install and is fortified with drop protection. Opt for the black version for the ultimate sleek, chic look.

Add a bit of art into your daily life with this cool seascape Android phone case. As well as looking good, it also boasts superior impact resistance and shock absorption qualities.

Go a bit fancy schmancy with this rose gold flip case. The flip factor means even your screen is secure, allowing for full-body coverage.

The neon strip, meanwhile, isn't just a cool addition to look at - it also an alert for receiving notifications.

How about this silicone case for a glamorous bit of Art Deco vibes? The material has a soft-touch finish, it surrounds the device for maximum protection, and has a snug fit and shock absorption.

There's also wireless charging support so you don't have to take it off to add more juice. A fabulous mix of fashionable and functional.

Whisk yourself to exotic far-flung climes every time you use your phone with this palm tree-print Android case that oozes California Dreamin' feels.

100 Corn Starch Bags

The slimline cover will fit into any pocked or bag with ease, and is also very lightweight. Sturdy, well-fitting and durable, it's as robust as it is stylish.

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